Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures of Bracelets

Here are the promised pics of bracelets we're selling!
 Couple of notes:
If you want a bracelet (and I do not know that, or you want to change your order), please comment or e-mail ( the style you want, colors, quantity, etc. I can make button clasps on any of them (if you want one, please indicate so and what color and size :). As for colors for the friendship bracelets (not hemp), I have just about have every color minus tan and gray. As for hemp, I have the regular tannish-brown, dark purple, dark green, dark gold, and a weird darkish salmon (?). ** Colored hemp will cost a bit more than regular hemp. I can incorporate beads into all of the bracelets minus the craft-lace masterpieces and pretzel knot. Just tell me what color bead, size, etc. I have a lot! (mostly bright colored) The craft lace masterpieces DO NOT come with key chains or clasps.
UPDATE: May have more craft lace masterpieces.

                                           Spiral- Bound hemp                            $3.00

                                          Chinese Staircase                                  $2.00
                                            Craft lace masterpiece #1                    $4.00 (each)
                                             * please indicate which one you want
                                        **Don't think we are going to have any more of these

                                           Hippie Friendship bracelet                       $2.00
                                            Craft Lace Masterpiece #2                         $3.00
                                           ** Last one! Don't plan to have any more!
                                             Craft Lace masterpiece #3                     $1.00
                                            * simpler forms of this are available
                                           **again last one like this!

                                             Knot                                                  $1.00

                                            Candy - Cane                                            $3.00
                                           *This is not my best work.... others look better :)

                                           Thick braid                                               $2.00

                                            Simple braid                                             $1.00

               Coming soon!
josephine hemp bracelet Adding Josephine Knots to a Hemp Bracelet
                                              Pretzel - Knot Hemp                                                                                      $4.00
                                           *Have made one of these. Very cute!!!!  ;)
hemp bracelet closure Hemp Bracelet Closures
                                               Square Knot  Hemp                                                                                       $3.00
                                              *** Can't promise the doubled parts  :{   

Monday, August 22, 2011

Water Changes Everything.

My Sunday....

Hola, Everyone!!

So my day was a mix of church(<3), a giant cardboard pirate ship, and double-tubing!

Let start by saying, church was completely amazing today!!! Great lesson, followed by a great sermon! It may sound weird, but we talked about "flannel board Jesus' today.'"Oh, he's so soft and cuddly...", One dimensional, never changes, Jesus. But really, what was going on is that he was standing up against all society, The Pharisees and other groups of people (that I cannot spell...), and telling them to repent and believe. It's kind of like going to a bar in downtown Nashville on a Saturday Night and telling them that that's not what life's about, that what they are doing is wrong. Let's just see if you can get out of there unharmed. Jesus was like the razor blade in society. He goes to the temple in his hometown, telling them Isaiah's prophecy has been fulfilled.  the people are thinking, do you know who you're mom is?  she kinda had you before she was married, if you know what mean. That's the kind of guy Jesus was. How much do you like someone after they tell you that you're wrong, they're right. (all this was taught by Scott Kopf, whom God has used to speak this great message of his. Thanks to Scott! You're an awesome youth minister :)  and, Duane Dixon laid it down for us this morning ;) Man, it was a great day at church.
 After Church, we went all the way next door to an sweet pirate party for a great 3 year old, Carson. Happy Birthday, Carson! Complete with a giant cardboard pirate ship, parrot pinata, slip n' slide, and cake, it was a great party!

Then, we went to the lake to swim with my wonderful youth group!!!! We tubed deluxe style. we double tubed. All it is is hooking up two intertubes to one boat. But, it's still fun! But now onto well updates:

UY (university youth) raised the final bit of money, and clean water will now be put in a country where they really need it!!!!! YYYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Look how God is moving! Its soooo amazing what a youth group from Alabama can do with God's help!  And, guess what!?! All excess money is going into our well fund!!!!! I'm so thankful for this! God is gonna get clean water to Africa! Thank You, University youth! I have our first fundraiser!!!! My friends (Chasity Bostic, Timya Bostic, and Mary Helen Boykin) and my wonderful siblings and family and I are making some pretty awesome friendship bracelets! I'm going to upload some pictures of the different styles and stuff. I'll also put the prices underneath them. The Prices are like they are because it's a fundraiser. Please keep in mind that you are giving people CLEAN WATER!!!!! This is exactly what Jesus wants us to do! "Serve the poor and oppressed..."Which leads to our group name (as of now :).... Threading Water!

I'm also going to post a video from charity water, even though that's not the organization we're going through, it's a wonderful video about what clean water does. Enjoy :)
 (Video will be posted above)

 Thanks for reading! Love you all and hope you have a wondermous week in which God moves in your life!!!!!