Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures of Bracelets

Here are the promised pics of bracelets we're selling!
 Couple of notes:
If you want a bracelet (and I do not know that, or you want to change your order), please comment or e-mail ( the style you want, colors, quantity, etc. I can make button clasps on any of them (if you want one, please indicate so and what color and size :). As for colors for the friendship bracelets (not hemp), I have just about have every color minus tan and gray. As for hemp, I have the regular tannish-brown, dark purple, dark green, dark gold, and a weird darkish salmon (?). ** Colored hemp will cost a bit more than regular hemp. I can incorporate beads into all of the bracelets minus the craft-lace masterpieces and pretzel knot. Just tell me what color bead, size, etc. I have a lot! (mostly bright colored) The craft lace masterpieces DO NOT come with key chains or clasps.
UPDATE: May have more craft lace masterpieces.

                                           Spiral- Bound hemp                            $3.00

                                          Chinese Staircase                                  $2.00
                                            Craft lace masterpiece #1                    $4.00 (each)
                                             * please indicate which one you want
                                        **Don't think we are going to have any more of these

                                           Hippie Friendship bracelet                       $2.00
                                            Craft Lace Masterpiece #2                         $3.00
                                           ** Last one! Don't plan to have any more!
                                             Craft Lace masterpiece #3                     $1.00
                                            * simpler forms of this are available
                                           **again last one like this!

                                             Knot                                                  $1.00

                                            Candy - Cane                                            $3.00
                                           *This is not my best work.... others look better :)

                                           Thick braid                                               $2.00

                                            Simple braid                                             $1.00

               Coming soon!
josephine hemp bracelet Adding Josephine Knots to a Hemp Bracelet
                                              Pretzel - Knot Hemp                                                                                      $4.00
                                           *Have made one of these. Very cute!!!!  ;)
hemp bracelet closure Hemp Bracelet Closures
                                               Square Knot  Hemp                                                                                       $3.00
                                              *** Can't promise the doubled parts  :{   

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