Monday, April 23, 2012

Willy Wonka!!!

Hello there!  I know, its been a while, but i'm back!

     This past week/weekend was very crazy, as it was "Willy Wonka" play weekend.  The show was great and i really have enjoyed it!!  It is a sad thing when its over, though, and most of the time you go into, what I like to call "Theater withdrawals". It sounds silly, but after spending two months and a solid packed week and 1 day together, you are like family!  You are constantly singing songs and falling asleep backstage and laughing and eating together.  Luckily, I have not hit the "withdrawals" this time, probably because I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with my theater friends and not just watch them leave and not see them for several more months :)  Of course, I have pictures to share with all of you!

Our wonderful Willy Wonka, aka Matthew

THe oompa-loompas and Wonka after Golden age of Chocolate

My brother (Chandler) in the red cap and our friend,  Madi Brooke Harvey

Moving the Wonka-vator :)

Me and my sweet friends: [left to right] (Cindy, Ginny, my brothers, Chasity, Me, Amanda)

Me n Jenna :)


This picture is PRICELESS (ha!)  Think positive, Charlie and Mr. Bucket (aka Brody and Preston :)

Our big cast: a grand total of 104!

Me, Kari, and Hannah

This little boy was our biggest fan!

Moving the Wonka-vator

Think positive!

Charlie finding the golden ticket.....

Me as the "Luminous Lollies" door in Willy Wonka's factory

Sweet Selah :)

My friends and I (Caroline, Sumlin, Daven, Me, and Tindol)

Our high-school musical jump on the marquis!

Our sweet friend, Khristian, as she was leaving from her last TCT show  :' (

We throughly enjoyed ourselves, but it is now time to get back to life: catch up on sleep, get back on school and chores, and get ready for formal :D:D:D.

Before I go, let me give you and update on the mission trip thing:
We still have not received our passports, so that puts us behind on things like getting plane tickets.  Since we have not gotten tickets,  the plane for the trip is full.  So if we are to go that week, we must leave two days later, as that is when the next plane flies out.  I believe my parents are considering going in July for the other trip, but I have not heard.

  • Pray that our passports come back soon, and that God may give us peace about the trip in whole.
  • That the My family and I have a good rest of the school year and finish our work and for us to cooperate :)
  • For my friend, Abigail, as she raises the last bit of funds for her trip to Africa.
  • For the well, that I may not be discouraged in doing it and that it may come to be not in my own time, but in his.
Please keep my prayer requests n your prayers, please, and be sure to go check out Abigail's blog.  If you missed the link, its RIGHT HERE.

I'll write soon, but probably not too soon :)

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